San Vicente del Caguán


San Vicente del Caguán, located in the heart of the Caquetá department in Colombia, is a fascinating tourist destination that combines natural beauty with rich history and culture.

Surrounded by lush rainforests and crossed by the Caguán and Orteguaza rivers, San Vicente del Caguán offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique biodiversity of the Amazon region. With landscapes ranging from dense forests to impressive waterfalls and greenery-covered hills, every corner of this destination invites exploration and adventure. In addition to its natural environment, San Vicente del Caguán has a rich history and culture. Visitors can explore archaeological sites that reveal the presence of ancient indigenous civilizations, learn about the local community's resistance and struggle for peace during times of armed conflict, and participate in festivals and cultural events that celebrate the diversity and identity of the region.


  1. Nukak Nature Reserve: A reserve that is home to a great diversity of flora and fauna, including endangered species such as the jaguar and the giant anteater.

  2. Serranía de La Macarena National Natural Park: Known for its famous five-color river, Caño Cristales, this park offers impressive natural landscapes, waterfalls and rich biodiversity.

  3. Horeb Ecological Park: An ideal place to enjoy nature, hiking, bird watching and enjoying outdoor recreation areas.

  4. El Salto Waterfall: A beautiful waterfall located on the outskirts of San Vicente del Caguán, ideal for enjoying a day of adventure and relaxation.

  5. Plaza Principal de San Vicente del Caguán: The center of social and cultural life of the city, where you can find shops, restaurants and the main church.

  6. San Vicente del Caguán Fair and Festivals: Annual events that celebrate the culture and traditions of the region, with music, dance, typical food and activities for the whole family.



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