From the Andean foothills and the Colombian Pacific coast rises this territory of conservation and indigenous tradition. Its biggest attribute is biodiversity because it makes Barbacoas a changing and innovative landscape. The beautiful and unique reserves transport you to new cosmologies, understanding other ways of relating and enjoying nature. You will be in harmony with the land like the Awá tribe, among other indigenous communities. These hosts will take you along trails, such as the well-known Sendero del Chapil that, due to its high degree of conservation, protects and shows wildlife such as the 7-colored hummingbird, the parzudakii tanager, the Heliodoxa tijereta, or possible traces of the Spectacled Bear, among other animals such as amphibians and reptiles. There are more than 1786 hectares in conservation, as a source of life, guarded by the Ñambi River and the communities that, through scientific exploration and environmental education, teach us about ancestral traditions, restaurants, and traditional dishes. At the end of the day enjoy a drink of chapil distilled, while the rain exalts this charming place of biogeographic shock.




  1. Ñambi River: you can walk a 2.5 kilometer path until you reach a cabin that has the basic amenities to accommodate its visitors. The tour can cross a short path to the Ñambí River, ideal for simply enjoying calm nature or taking a refreshing rest bath.
  2. The Río Ñambí Reserve: Is one of the most appreciated bird sightings due to its existing diversity (350 species), with a total of 44 endemic species. Travelers from Colombia and around the world visit this paradisiacal corner of the coastal foothills to observe the beauty of birds and to picture their flights as an acknowledgement of nature.
  3. INKAL AWÁ LA UTRI "PIMAN” Indigenous Reserve:The 4 worlds of the Awá worldview will submerge you into a walk through a preserved forest, learning words in Awapit (mother tongue), tasting typical dishes and getting to know their traditional constructions.
  4. Monte Loro Natural Reserve: Wooded area with hiking and conservation activities of high value as you will find species under conservation such as the yellow-eared parrot, the Andean bear, felines and plants of high ecological value that cohabit and cross between the two slopes of the western mountain range.


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