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A Caribbean for everyone, authentic and biodiverse

The northern coast of Colombia is a land of contrasts where its warm beaches, snow-capped mountains, and tropical forests mix with its diverse cultures and rich architectural, gastronomic, and musical legacies, enriching this unique region. A destination that is much more than the Caribbean!


Heritage and beauty of river, jungle, and sea

Explore the Colombian Pacific, a territory of jungle and sea, exploring the harmonic beauty through the colors, sounds, and flavors offered by its lush jungles, its marine or river waters, and its rich coastal culture.

Amazonia y orinoquia

Ancestral, natural, and wild territory

Comprising diverse ecosystems, red sunsets emerge over extensive savannas, witnessing the llanera culture. Here, the Amazon and Orinoco converge to explore a territory with archaeological secrets and ancient scenarios represented in reddish pigments. Rock paths leading to sacred places, crystal-clear waters evoking nature and restoration. Rivers, waterfalls, birds, and adventure stand out in this multifaceted geography, from the northern prairies to the southern Amazonian forests, the green heart of Colombia. A place of open skies and unique monumental rivers.

Macizo y Piedemonte

Protection of rivers, waterfalls, and ancestral origins

Explore trails that take you to the past, to walk through green mountains, full of life that evoke the ancestral origins of the Colombian Massif and foothills. It is a mysterious region with wonderful mountains, green valleys, and volcanoes, where enigmatic cultures have forged a territory of conservation and indigenous tradition. From the Andean foothills bordering some of the country's most sacred rivers to reaching the Pacific coast, this water and cultural star of the Emerging Destinations Colombia emerges.


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