About us?

Who We Are (Solution):

We are the Colombia Emerging Destinations Ecosystem made up of community-based organizations and service providers, local operators and accommodations, tireless travelers and associates of ACOTUR - Colombian Association of Responsible Tourism that we wish to position Emerging Destinations as places that allow you to live the most authentic experiences. from Colombia. A structured offer, consciously developed by communities that preserve paradises in unexplored regions, betting on a positive tourism footprint that contributes to the reduction of poverty, the reconstruction of the social fabric and the conservation of biodiversity.


How do we do it ?:

-Development of projects that promote the sustainable tourism development of Emerging Destinations Colombia.


-Improvement of the commercial skills of service providers through the practical and methodological strengthening route.


-The implementation of positioning, chaining and marketing strategies, which promote effective articulation and participation with the market and the construction of alliances at the national and international level.


That makes us different ?:

-Colombian offer articulated with tourist services in more than 43 municipalities of 13 Departments with more than 86 local operators and/or accommodations, 51 community-based organizations with tourist services and 10 allied wholesalers.


-Design of a conceptual tourist product with more than 96 segmented experiences, 4 Corridors with articulated tourist offer covering 4 macro tourist regions of the country for the commercialization of regional product and Destination Colombia brand.


-Segmented traveler profiles, with B2B and B2C strategies validated through the Acotur community chaining and relationship route.


-Platform for promotion and positioning of the ecosystem https://destinosemergentescolombia.com


-Acotur Community with more than 250 associates throughout the country.


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