Buenaventura, a hidden treasure on the Colombian Pacific coast, invites you to discover a unique combination of wild nature and the rich Afro-descendant cultural legacy, where the culinary and musical tradition of the Afro-Colombian community resonates with incomparable strength.

Here, between the sound of the waves and the whisper of the sea breeze, centuries of African history and heritage are intertwined, manifesting themselves in every plate of food and every rhythm of the marimba. From the days of slavery to the present day, Afro-Colombian culture has left an indelible mark on Buenaventura, permeating every aspect of daily life with its vibrant vitality and emotional depth.

Surrounded by the extensive network of bays and protected inlets of the Uramba Bahía Málaga National Park, Buenaventura offers an unparalleled experience for nature lovers. From the coast, where rough seas meet lush jungle, to hidden coves and unexplored beaches, every corner of this natural paradise will captivate you.

In the waters off the coast of Buenaventura, you will be able to witness one of the most impressive natural spectacles on the continent: the sighting of majestic humpback whales and their newborn calves. Additionally, the nearby mountains offer spectacular crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, creating natural pools where you can immerse yourself and enjoy life outdoors.

But cultural experiences are also unmissable in Buenaventura. From collecting shellfish with locals to learning to play the marimba and practicing folk dances, each encounter will immerse you in the region's rich Afro-Colombian tradition. Buenaventura awaits you with open arms to offer you an unforgettable experience that combines natural beauty with the rich Afro-Colombian culture. Immerse yourself in this fascinating destination and discover everything it has to offer. We guarantee you a once in a lifetime adventure!


1. Humpback whale watching: The area near Buenaventura offers the opportunity to witness the impressive natural spectacle of humpback whales and their newborn calves during their migration.

2. Uramba Bahía Málaga National Park: Surrounding the city, this national park protects an extensive network of bays and inlets filled with pristine nature, offering opportunities to explore lush jungle and unexplored beaches.

3. La Sierpe Waterfalls: These waterfalls are a must-see attraction in Bahía Málaga, falling directly onto the emerald green water of an inlet, creating an impressive natural spectacle.

4. Kayaking and canoeing in Bahía Málaga: The protected waters of Bahía Málaga are ideal for kayaking and canoeing, offering the opportunity to explore the mangroves and enjoy marine life up close.

5. Piangua clam farming: A unique experience is participating in piangua clam harvesting with locals in La Plata, entering the mangroves and learning about this local culinary tradition.

6. Bird watching: The region around Buenaventura is rich in birdlife, offering opportunities to observe a variety of native birds in places like Miramar.

7. San Cipriano: This town on the banks of the Escalarete River is famous for its natural pools and its unique passenger cars driven on rails, offering a unique experience in the middle of nature.


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