El Retorno


El Retorno, in the heart of Guaviare, stands as a symbol of hope and reconciliation through tourism. This charming town, located in the southeast of Colombia, has blossomed with new vitality, attracting visitors with its lush landscapes and rich history steeped in culture and tradition.

Surrounded by the majesty of the Guaviare River and the imposing Serranía de la Lindosa, El Retorno invites you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region. The vast expanses of rainforest offer a refuge for wildlife, while the meandering waters of the river witness exciting adventures, from kayaking to sport fishing.

But beyond its stunning landscape, El Retorno is a place where culture and community flourish. The vibrant festivals and warmth of its people reflect a rich and diverse heritage, which is expressed in local crafts and traditional music that resonates in every corner of the town.


1. Serranía de la Lindosa : This impressive mountain formation is home to one of the largest concentrations of prehistoric rock art in the world. Dating back thousands of years, the cave paintings are a fascinating testament to the region's ancient past and a must-see attraction for visitors interested in archeology and history.

2. Guaviare River: The Guaviare River, which meanders through the Amazon rainforest, offers numerous opportunities for water activities such as kayaking, sport fishing, and boating. Its crystal-clear waters and lush landscapes are the perfect setting to enjoy nature in its purest state.

3. Waterfalls and natural pools: In the surroundings of El Retorno, there are several waterfalls and natural pools where visitors can cool off and relax in the middle of an impressive jungle environment. These places are ideal for enjoying a day of picnic and exploring the local biodiversity.

4. Community tourism: El Retorno is a leading example of community tourism, where visitors have the opportunity to interact with local communities, learn about their traditions and contribute to the economic development of the region. This includes experiences such as visiting agroecological farms, craft workshops and participating in cultural festivals.

5. Bird and wildlife watching: The Amazon rainforest surrounding El Retorno is home to a wide variety of birds and wildlife species. Nature lovers can enjoy exciting bird watching tours and explore the jungle trails in search of animals such as monkeys, tapirs and jaguars.


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