El Rosario



 At the top of the western mountain range rises the viewpoint of the Patía River; this is how our destination of El Rosario is known. It pays tribute to the natural and cultural wealth of a dry forest region, contrasted with the meeting of the mountainous relief presented. Like a large cloud forest, it is recognized as the lost town of salt, due to its reservoirs; But the Patía River is the main character along with its inhabitants and caregivers who form a scenic beauty, with the conviction of safeguarding and protecting the forest. They invite us through the observation of falcons and on its trails to recognize the importance of conservation. Likewise, enjoying a cup of coffee, the tradition of this place is woven, and traditional cooks delight us with history through their non-forgotten recipes. When descending from the forest among birds and butterflies, we are propelled to a meeting with the Patía to adventure and enjoy a panoramic descent down the river through rafting and tubing activities, paddling down the river in a series of various rapids, while enjoying the impressive landscape of the Colombian massif.




  1. Patía River: Get a new perspective on adventure with a rafting tour on the Patía River. After a safety demonstration, embark on a water excursion as you descend the river gorge. Cruise through the different rapids or a calmer tubing activity during this exciting river adventure.
  2. Dry forest: Enjoy the particularities of fauna and flora of this sensitive ecosystem by bicycle or walking, discover the beauty and importance of conservation actions.
  3. Coffee bars: Through a cup of coffee you will learn the history of this particular region full of contrasts.
  4. Traditional cuisines: The rescue of traditions and well-being through food will be an activity that is impossible to forget.
  5. Bird watching: Between cloud forest trails and with the contrast of dry forest, the possibility of a great variety of birds is contemplated, highlighting the family of Falcons that frame this activity.


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