The piedmont, where the Andes mountain range and the Amazon region meet, is exalted as a source of life for Colombia with its sources in the high mountains of the Colombian massif and great currents that magnify the Amazon, carrying in these currents past stories of cradle of Inga ancestors among others who relate the special connection with nature and an interaction that goes beyond the utilitarian, be amazed by the abundant diversity of butterflies, endogenous and migratory birds, endemic primates that break the silence of the forest to harmonize with the currents of small ravines between paths and valleys, and imperceptible traces of bears, pumas and tapirs. For this reason, walking through its forests and mountains is an experience of connection with the interior, which today is fervently demonstrated through the crafts of planting meliponiculture, cooking and conservation actions that brave inhabitants of this fragile and at the same time powerful territory They safeguard between the rivers, mountains and jungle.




  1. PNN Cueva de los Guácharos: it is an attraction for visitors who are passionate about adventure, hiking and contact with nature in a pristine state, far from large cities and without interruptions from technology, passive activities for contemplating nature, activities ecotourism such as camping, hiking, fauna and flora observation, caving, photography and filming, bird watching, geological observation and environmental education.
  2. Forge Caverns: path of roads and waters that takes us to the caverns of natural magic in the Andean-Amazonian foothills. enjoying baths in wells and waterfalls.
  3. Traditional cuisines and crafts: Delight in traditional dishes and crafts such as preserving stingless bees, among others.


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