The Chontaduro MTB route

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Bioextremo El Tambo

Conoce el hermoso paisaje de la principal región productora de chontaduro del Cauca, el sector Cuatro Esquinas - Tambo.

Es un recorrido de 30 kilómetros con un alto nivel de exigencia, en medio de cultivos de palma de chontaduro, caminos y veredas donde los campesinos de la región cultivan y sacan sus productos.

Disfruta de la gastronomía de la región y conoce un poco de la cultura de la gente.

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Departure Time and Location

8:00 am. Main park of El Tambo Cauca.

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Return Time and Location

12:00 pm. Main park of El Tambo Cauca.

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Tour Duration

4 hours.

El plan comienza en el parque principal de El Tambo - Cauca con la preparación de las bicicletas y la documentación de los viajeros, la descripción del recorrido y la duración.

Next, we will travel through rural areas along unpaved roads and peasant paths until we reach the Cuatro Esquinas sector, passing through chontaduro crops. Here we will have a delicious snack to continue until we reach the main park of El Tambo - Cauca.

At the end, the bicycles are collected and we will enjoy a delicious lunch.

They are approximately 35 km of route in total.

  • Hydration
  • Refreshment
  • Lunch
  • Extreme Insurance
  • Group photographic record
  • Local bike guide
  • And an unforgettable experience.

unspecified services.

weather conditions

  • Subject to weather conditions depending on the time of year. Dry season: January, February, June – August Rainy season: other months of the year.


  • 10


  • 1


Limitations and Restrictions

  • optimal physical condition and without any health restrictions that prevent you from safely performing the activity.
  • not be in a state of pregnancy, or in any other special state that could put your health at risk.
  • DO NOT consume liquor or psychoactive substances, before and during the development of the activity, as well as NOT consume beverages in glass containers.
  • NOT be under the influence of alcohol or any other psychoactive substance or that may alter any of your senses to carry out the activity.


User behavior

  • Respect schedules and shifts.
  • Maintain respectful treatment and camaraderie with the guides and participants.
  • Avoid leaving garbage and other elements in the place of the activity.
  • Abide by the safety instructions and protocols established by the company and provided by the guides.


Minimum age

  • 14 years. For minors, the consent of parents or guardians and the accompaniment of a responsible adult is required.


Natural and cultural resources

  • Chontaduro crops


Experience Required

  • None


means of displacement

  • mountain bike throughout the route.


Food included

  • Lunch (soup, dry, Lemonade)
  • Snack (Black cookie, Oatmeal)


food not included

  • Others not described here.



  • Carry identity document and health insurance
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for the activity (preferably brightly colored sportswear for a better photographic record)
  • change clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Repellent
  • Foot tight shoes
  • Cap
  • Hydration
  • Store your electronics (cell phone, camera, etc.) in dry bags to prevent water damage.
  • Carry all your items in a backpack for your convenience.
  • Avoid bringing pets on the tour.


insurance information

  • Insurance policy for adventure activities with Seguros Magenta.


Conditions of service

  1. The participant must obey the instructions determined by those responsible for the activity, avoid separating from the group, use all the security elements that are determined in each case. Otherwise, the possibility of excluding them from the group remains at the discretion of those responsible.
  2. The organization reserves the right of admission and permanence of the participants, being able to exclude them from the tour for the following reasons: bad behavior, poor health conditions, bad attitude towards those responsible and participants, causing deliberate damage to the environment, and in general, inappropriate behavior that may compromise the integrity of the participants and/or the proper development of the activity. When the exclusion is due to improper conduct, the participant will not be entitled to any refund, regarding the unused services.
  3. Once the activity has started, the suspension, modification or interruption of the services by the participants due to personal reasons of any kind, will not give rise to any claim, refund or return.
  4. Weather conditions and/or reasons of force majeure may force the organizing company or guides to modify the duration, routes or activities originally planned. The company may modify and/or suspend the journey due to factors that may endanger the safety of the participants.
  5. The participant must know how to swim, as a precondition for water activities.
  6. During the activity, any kind of non-therapeutic drug is prohibited, as well as the consumption of alcohol prior to the activity and during it, leaving it to the power and consideration of the organizing company or guide in charge, to suspend the participation of the user in case of appearing in a state of intoxication, dehydration after alcohol intake.
  7. Minor participants must present written authorization from their parents or guardians to carry out the activity. Under no circumstances will minors under 14 years of age be allowed to participate without the accompaniment of one of their parents or guardian.
  8. Knowledge of the risks: the participant understands that the activities related to adventure tourism (rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, trekking, rappelling, climbing, kayaking, hydrospeed, etc.) entail the risk of suffering possible material damage to their belongings and /or your mental or physical health, including death; as a participant you are aware of these, you assume said risks and the responsibility for any damage or harm that you may suffer due to or during the development of the contracted activity, therefore you release and exonerate BIO EXTREMO from any liability, as well as any member, officer, employee, agent, service provider or any institution or organization associated with BIO EXTREMO. Likewise, the exemption from liability includes both your person and any other who may have the right to claim on your behalf such as spouse, children, heirs, creditors, etc.; Labor rights that are subject to claim or compensation under Colombian law are also protected.
  9. Responsibility: in relation to the activities that are carried out (rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, trekking, rappelling, climbing, kayaking, hydrospeed, etc.), BIO EXTREMO, is only responsible according to current legislation on the matter, for damages suffered by the participant that are caused by fault or negligence of the company. In no way BIO EXTREMO is responsible for the damages suffered by the risk of the activities.
  10. Medical information: the participant must detail any type of illness, medical problem or special situation (eg, allergies, diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, operations, medical recommendations, etc.), disability, physical impediment such as swimming in cold water, receiving impacts on the spine, holding heavy objects such as a bag, rowing, jumping, riding a bicycle, etc. You must also inform if you take any specific medication that you must receive in an emergency.
  11. Reserve at least 24 hours in advance.
  12. Advance payment of 100% of the service.
  13. Show up at the meeting point at the stipulated time. There will be a maximum waiting time of 10 minutes. If the participant does not show up at the stipulated time, they will not be entitled to any refund.
  14. Sign the voluntary participation form. In case of not signing it, it will be understood that the participant accepts the conditions of service voluntarily.
  15. In no case will an outing be scheduled with less than 7 participants (when bioextremo schedules outings on specific dates), excluding guides.
  16. Cancellation of the service: in case of not being able to attend the activity, the user must inform 8 days in advance to obtain a 100% refund of the money, 5 days in advance to obtain a 90% refund, with 3 days of in advance for a 50% refund, 1 day in advance for a 10% refund. If the client decides not to participate on the same day of the activity, they will not be entitled to a refund of any kind.

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