Fisherman's knowledge

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Herencia Travel

This experience is a confirmation that oral tradition is an invaluable tool for transmitting the traditional knowledge that is Dibulla's greatest treasure.
In this experience, visitors will be able to have music by the sea while listening to the talk of a local fisherman who will share the importance of this trade in the community. In addition, they can learn to tie a cast net themselves and learn how to throw it. All between vallenatos, unreleased live compositions and accompanied by a refreshing beer and a mango popsicle.

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Departure Time and Location

3:00 pm in the Cultural Plaza of the town of La Punta de Los Remedios. We can pick you up at your accommodation if you wish

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Return Time and Location

5:00 pm in the Cultural Plaza of the town of La Punta de Los Remedios. We can transfer you to your accommodation if you wish

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Tour Duration

2 hours.

Gathering-type experience

  1. Includes tasting of one (1) tasting portion for each visitor
  2. Includes interpreter guide
  3. Includes hydration and refill
  4. Includes travel insurance

  • Does not include additional consumption to those specified
  • Does not include transportation service to and from the accommodation
  • Does not include purchase of souvenirs
  • The activity takes place on the beach, without entering the sea

We recommend using sunscreen, mosquito repellent, wearing a cap or hat, and light, comfortable clothing for the heat. We recommend that you fill out our dietary restrictions form at least 12 hours before starting the tour

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